Laburnum glass was born from a vision… A vision of offering a service, where customer satisfaction is key, and getting a job done right first time, every time, is paramount.

I’m Jake, and Laburnum Glass is MY vision.

I have built up over 15 years experience in the window and door business. Working for other people and witnessing first hand the things that work and the things that don’t, learning how to ensure a job runs smoothly from beginning to end, and unfortunately how to do the complete opposite.

I pride myself in the way I work, and being a self-confessed perfectionist, I like things done properly. This was never my plan, I never saw myself running my own business, but life has a funny way of surprising us all.

I’ve always strived to do my best in all aspects of my life, and I reached a point in my work life and thought “I can do this!” I know my industry inside out and am deeply passionate about giving great customer service.

For me it’s simple. It’s about providing a first class service and offering great value for money… And with that… Laburnum Glass was formed.

Jake Laburnum glass.jpg