Double glazed units

Moisture in your double glazing? Foggy windows? Blown units?

All terms you can relate to if your view from home isn’t quite what it once was. This doesn’t mean your windows have reached the end of their life. We can repair your double glazed units for a fraction of the cost of a complete window replacement, restoring your view and returning your windows to look like new.

We can match any glass pattern or design, including units with leads or Georgian bars, so you can have confidence knowing the character and feel of your house won’t be compromised.


Broken window? Smashed glass? Had an accident with the lawn mower? Don’t worry! Your emergency is our first concern.

The cost of repairing a broken glass unit might be cheaper than you think. We offer a same day emergency call out repair service 7 days a week giving you absolute peace of mind should the unexpected happen.


Our window repair service covers everything. We have a vast range of products available to suit every need and get your window back to its best.

Whether your window won’t open or it won’t close, we can fix it. From replacement handles and hinges, to locks and seals, we’ve got it covered.

Our vans are always kept well stocked to enable us to repair your window on the first visit, saving you time and money. Don’t forget, we specialise in repairs to UPVC, timber and aluminium windows.


Sometimes doors just don’t want to play ball! They won’t open properly, the lock catches, you have to lift the door to close it… Don’t despair!

With over 15 years experience in the trade, the resolution to these issues is often an easy fix.

Front doors, back doors, patio doors and french doors, we cover them all. It might be such an easy fix, you’ll wish you’d called us sooner.